TV Australia visits Espiritu Santo

Australia's Channel 10  visited Espiritu Santo last month, and filmed some of our most popular attractions. Footage of the visit can be found on you tube. Click on the links below to view reporter David 'Robbo' Robinson's Espiritu Santo experience.

Champagne Beach, Port Olry and Santo Horse Adventures (2:48)
Ri Ri Blue Hole (3:12)
Vanuatu Culture (4:56)


Swimmers to Invade Espiritu Santo

This year First National Espiritu Santo is very proud to sponsor the inaugural Espiritu Santo Swim Week being held in Vanuatu next month.  

The main event, drawing many swimmers to Santo, is the challenging 2.6 km swim from Espiritu Santo to neighbouring Aore Island, across the deep water of Segond Canal.

This has been an annual event on the Pacific Ocean Swim  calendar drawing many visitors from around the world.  For the first time, this year, the organisers have extended the  traditional Aore Island – Espiritu Santo swim to a week-long event with additional fun swims showcasing Santo’s most picturesque beaches. It has been a decision which has proved very popular with more than 70 entrants already scheduled to take to the water in Espiritu Santo next month.
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