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Melta Arutokala

Melta Arutokala
Sales Consultant & Office Manager

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I’m originally from Meriu, Tongoa in the Shepherds Group of islands in Vanuatu. Prior to coming to Espiritu Santo, I lived and worked in Port Vila, where I was employed by an accounting firm for 15 years, in a number of roles including accounts, administration, and secretarial.

I left Vila in 2009 and relocated to a place that I love – Espiritu Santo. I found Christine and Warren very welcoming when I joined First National Espiritu Santo, and feel like part of a big family. I do the secretarial and administration work, and keep the books up-to-date. I’m also involved in managing the rental properties. I love working in our small computerized office, fully air-conditioned, and I love Espiritu Santo because of the lovely beaches, blue holes, lovely smiles, and fresh air. I love the fact that you can get fresh fruit, veggies, fish, beef, and local food from the market very cheaply, and that I can go for a swim at any beach of my choice. Lukim Yu

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